What is fermentation?

BioKyowa produces bulk amino acids in various grades using the most advanced fermentation technology. 

Fermentation is a natural, metabolic process.  People have used fermentation to make products such as wine and cheese long before the process was understood.  Louis Pasteur became the first scientist to study fermentation when he demonstrated fermentation was caused by living cells.  Fermentation occurs when an organism converts a carbohydrate, such as starch or a sugar, into an alcohol or an acid.  For example, yeast performs fermentation to obtain energy by converting sugar into alcohol. Bacteria perform fermentation, converting carbohydrates into lactic acid.  Fermentation is used in producing many products such as wine, beer, yogurt, and amino acids.  Most people are familiar with food and beverages that are produced using fermentation, but industrial products also use the fermentation process.  Some of the industrial products produced using fermentation include ethanol and biofuels, for example. The phrase "fermentation technology" generally refers to fermentation that occurs on a large scale.  On an industrial scale, it is a highly technical and controlled process.

What are amino acids?

Amino acids are essential to life, and are the building blocks of protein.  Muscle is composed of protein, as well as enzymes and hormones regulating body functions. Amino acids also assist in metabolism.  They are used in most body processes from regulating the way the body works to how the  brain functions.  Amino acids also activate and utilize vitamins and other nutrients.

Twenty types of amino acids are incorporated into proteins inside the human body. These are divided into essential amino acids, which cannot be synthesized inside the body, and non-essential amino acids. Although "essential" or "non-essential" depends on age and body conditions, essential amino acids must be taken through food. Amino Acids are not only used for their nutritional value, but also in a wide range of areas including food production, pharmaceutical ingredients, cosmetics, chemical ingredients, and fertilizers.  Learn more about amino acids.

The Process

BioKyowa is a leading biochemical manufacturer.   We use a combination of fermentation and chemical process unit operations to manufacture our products.   Some of the unit operations typically used include filtration, evaporation, crystallization, isolation, drying, milling, and packaging.  Our process starts in a sterile laboratory and is carried out in large tanks called fermenters, or bioreactors.  The entire process, known as cultivation, is continuously monitored through the technologically advanced fermentation and extraction processes.   Our final products are packaged into super sacks or fiber drums for shipment to customers worldwide.  BioKyowa manufactures all of our products following strict cGMP standards.  We are ISO9001:2008 registered and HACCP accredited.  BioKyowa products are also certified Kosher and Halal.  Our employees take great pride producing products for the health and well-being of people around the world.  Learn more about BioKyowa's products.