We, BioKyowa, was established in 1982 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri as the amino acid manufacturing subsidiary of Kyowa Hakko Bio CO., LTD. which has state-of-the-art fermentation technologies and is making substantial contributions to the health and well-being of people around the world by commercializing an array of useful chemical substances, including various amino acids.

We started from L-Lysine production, one of the most required essential amino acids for animal feed additive use, and we have evolved from a feed grade single product facility to multiple facilities that can produce various high-quality premium amino acids with the growth of amino acids demand in the world.

Kyowa Hakko Bio CO., LTD., our parent company, has invented the world’s first fermentation-based production technology for L-glutamic acid, and our products manufactured by the state-of-the-art fermentation technologies inherited from Kyowa Hakko Bio CO., LTD. are exported not only to the United States, but around the world for pharmaceuticals, health foods, and the other industrial applications today.

We are very grateful to the support of local community and many outstanding employees for being able to continue our business in Cape Girardeau.

From now on, we are committed to continue contributing to the better health and well-being of people in the world by providing high-quality premium amino acids that are essential to all life.

Thank you for visiting our website. Your continued support and contribution are greatly appreciated.

N. Yoshimura, President