BioKyowa represented the first major plant investment by a Japanese company in the state of Missouri when it began construction in 1982.  In 1984, when production began, BioKyowa produced feed supplements for the swine and poultry markets.  BioKyowa was the first commercial Lysine producing plant in the United States.   

Over the past 30 years, BioKyowa has evolved from a feed grade facility that produced a single product to a multiple plant facility that produces high quality amino acids using advanced biotechnology.   Our amino acids are used in products such as nutritional food supplements, cosmetics, and precursors for pharmaceuticals.  BioKyowa is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kyowa Hakko Bio. 

Kyowa Hakko Bio (KHB) was founded in 2008 after the establishment of a strategic alliance between Kyowa Hakko Kogyo and Kirin Group.  Kyowa Hakko Bio has made significant contributions to the health and well-being of people around the world by commercializing an array of useful chemical substances, including various amino acids, nucleic acid-related substances, vitamins, bioactive substances, pharmaceutical products, as well as oligosaccharides and dipeptides. Kyowa Hakko Bio is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kirin Holdings.